We will reduce your industrial lighting costs. All the way down to one-fifth. Even in the most extreme environments.

Your lightING investment will pay off within 3 years.

The lighting system we will install at your premises will reduce your power costs by up to 80%. Our calculations show that just the power savings due to their lighting investments will pay off for our clients within 3 years at latest—but rather sooner.

We will take care of everything from the project to manufacturing and installing the lights.

We will come, walk through your business premises, and suggest how to illuminate them in the most efficient way. Subsequently, we will manufacture the luminaires ourselves so that they will match our agreement exactly. And finally, we will install everything, including the control system.

We can illuminate both a nuclear power plant and a gold mine in a desert.

Once, we installed 2,416 luminaires at a production facility within two weeks, on another occasion we arranged lighting of a nuclear power plant in Hungary or gold mines in the Sahara. Our luminaires withstand even in the most extreme environments.


We install reliable and energy-efficient lighting in both standard and extreme environments throughout the world. We deal with some of the projects for the first time while we already know other techniques inside out. However, light refraction works the same way everywhere and, therefore, we start all the projects the same way too, learning thoroughly the setting, your operations, visions, and requirements. 

Subsequently, we design the system, manufacture the luminaires, and start installing them together with the monitoring and control system. We will take care of everything for you under one roof and one invoice. You need no other company.


Extreme Enviroments

Advertising Board Lighting


Maritime & Offshore

they said about cooperating with doublepower!!

I would like to thank the doublepower!! Company for our fantastic cooperation. I believe they are the only ones in Europe capable of replacing within 14 days the incredible 2,416 luminaires inside industrial facilities full of technology. They won my esteem and respect for their incredible performance and high product quality.
Jiří Vaculík, Facilities & EHS, Specialist, Hyundai Motor Manufacturing

Shed light on the projects we completed.

With speed of light, express delivery for Hyundai Nošovice

Brano a.s., quality of lighting exceeded any expectations

Coca Cola, reconstruction under the extreme conditions