Illumination of bigboards, outdoor advertising surfaces and road signs

uniform illumination of the surface

Special asymmetric optics enables uniform distribution of lighting across the entire advertising panel

Remote management 

Remote control and maintenance software available

high efficacy

Luminous flux efficacy up to 160 lm/W

  • Luminous flux efficiency of up to 160 lm/W

  • IP65

  • True lifespan of 80.000 hours (L80B10)

  • 8-year guarantee

  • The special design of its aluminum body ensures efficient heat dissipation even in the hot summer months. Conversely, in the winter months, in case the luminaire is covered by ice, rime, or snow a unique system heating the front cover of the luminaire is activated automatically

  • The luminaire includes an adaptable holder for various fixing-point spacings according to the client`s request

star luminaire is the best solution for the company bigboard
"Our company, BigBoard, is one of the biggest outdoor advertisement providers in Europe. To illuminate our advertising billboards and bigboards, we require a luminaire able to withstand for many years the extreme weather conditions including subzero temperatures, ice and wind in winter but also the big summer heat. At the same time, we necessitate minimum power consumption, minimum maintenance costs, fully uniform illumination of the surface that is pleasant to the eye, and the option to control the luminaire remotely. The best answer to these requirements on the market is the STAR luminaire by the doublepower!! Company, which we can but recommend after our great experience with it!".
Jan Kazimour, Head of Technical Department, BigBoard

  • The luminaire is available with various lengths and output options
  • The luminaire uses high-quality Samsung chips with color temperatures 2700 to 6500K

  • The valve in the luminaire’s body facilitates equalization of pressure during controlled heating of the luminaire in the winter season


Version 2 modules 3 modules 4 modules 5 modules 6 modules 7 modules 8 modules
Output - HE version 26,6 W 39,9 W 53,2 W 66,5 W 79,8 W 93,1 W 106,4 W
Output - HO version 30,8 W 46,2 W 61,6 W 77,0 W 92,4 W 107,8 W 123,2 W
Luminous flux of the luminaire with 4000K - HE version 4 243 lm 6 364 lm 8 486 lm 10 607 lm 12 729 lm 14 850 lm 16 972 lm
Luminous flux of the luminaire with 4000K - HO version 4 806 lm 7 209 lm 9 612 lm 12 015 lm 14 418 lm 16 821 lm 19 224 lm

Efficacy of LED chip / luminaire - HE version

181,9 lm/W / 159,5 lm/W

Efficacy of LED chip / luminaire - HO version

178 lm/W / 156 lm/W

Light source

chip Samsung 2700K-6500K


L80B10 = 80 000 hours, L80B50 = 105 000 hours with Ta +45°C

Front cover

3mm tempered glass AGC ClearVision


Anodized aluminium profile, separate box for driver
Highly efficient heat dissipation
Low operating temperatures of the luminaire and all its components

Protection rating


Operating temperatures

-40°C ~ +50°C

Optical system and reflectors

Linear optics 60° / 90° / 85°+45°, asymmetric and special characteristics


doublepower!! s.r.o. Czech Republic

dimensions in cm
model lenght height width
2x module 66,4 14 7,5
3x module 94,4 14 7,5
4x module 122,4 14 7,5
5x module 150,4 14 7,5
6x module 178,4 14 7,5
7x module 206,4 14 7,5
8x module 234,4 14 7,5