Information about EU funding

“New manufacturing/administrative facilities at the doublepower!! s.r.o. Company”

Registration number: CZ.01.2.07/0.0/0.0/18_238/0017859

Grant amount: CZK 12,634,637.85

Project implementation period: 5/2019-6/2021

The goal of the proposed project is a complete reconstruction of the commercial building no. 1011, which is located within the land registry region of Dubí u Kladna and which complies with the definition of a brownfield. Benefitting from its new manufacturing/administrative facilities, the company will continue its development and production of industrial luminaires and complex lighting control systems. These modern manufacturing facilities providing a sufficient surface area will enable the company to optimize its technological processes in such a way as to integrate also its brand-new product lines of LED luminaires, which the company plans to introduce to the market in the coming years and thanks to which it will be able to expand to other European markets. This project is supported financially by the European Union—the Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness Operational Programme, the Real Estate subprogram, Call III.