Extremely durable luminaire for lighting in extreme outdoor enviroment and in chemistry and food productions

High variability and modularity

Glass or polycarbonate body, various lengths, output options, optics, color temperatures

high durability

Protection rating IP68, resistant to extreme weather conditions as well as chemical vapors

high efficacy

Highly efficient luminaires with up to 165 lm/W depending on the employed optics and tube material

  • The SEA luminaire is available with various lengths and output versions from 14.2W to 56.8W

  • True lifespan of 80.000 hours (L80B10)

  • If requested by the client, the luminaire can be equipped with an emergency module

  • Available with a valve equalizing the pressure inside and outside of the luminaire

  • 6-year guarantee

  • The IP68 connector is resistant to seawater and most chemical vapors

  • The connector can be replaced with another, tailor-made solution, such as split cord grips on both sides or on just one side of the luminaire 

  • Heavy-duty aluminum or A4-steel covers

  • Ingress protection IP68

  • Operating temperatures –30 °C ~ +50 °C

Shipowners in Benelux highly appreciate the quality and modularity of SEA

"Our company Repair Management Nederland B.V. is an established partner of many of the biggest shipowners in Benelux. Our clients trust us as we deliver only high quality products that do not fail in the rough conditions on the sea. We have chosen doublepower!! because they understand what our clients request from a lighting product: robust case, easy installation, long life span, efficient operation, low glare and a variability of sizes and outputs. The positive feedbacks from our partners show that doublepower!! was the right choice!"
Ronald van Pinxteren, Managing Director, Repair Management Nederland B.V
  • The luminaire is available in a glass or polycarbonate tube, both transparent and frosted
  • A quick and simple installation using A4-steel fixing points
  • Available color temperatures 2700–6500K

  • An entire range of optics 40°, 60°, 90°, and 110° as well as asymmetric characteristics


Version 1 module 2 modules 3 modules 4 modules


14,2 W 28,4 W 42,6 W 56,8 W

Luminous flux of the luminaire with 4000K

2 312 lm

4 624 lm

6 936 lm

9 249 lm

Efficacy of the LED chip / luminaire

171,86 lm/W / 165,15 lm/W

Light source

doublepower!! Samsung LM301B / TRIDONIC LLE G4 ADVANCE, 2700–6500K

Life span

L80B10 > 80.000 hours with Ta +25°C

Front cover / Main body

Clear borosilicate glass or Clear / diffused polycarbonate

Body end caps, parts

Anodized aluminium salt water resistant or stainless steel (A2 or A4)
Inox screws and mounting rings 
UV stable plastic connector, valve, glands / metal cable glands

Protection rating


Operating temperatures

-40°C ~ +50°C

Optical system

Linear lens 40° / 60° / 90° / 110° / asymmetrical version / diffused optics


No stroboscopic effect
DALI / DSI smooth control, possibility to include into a complex doublepower DALI/KNX control system, optional emergency battery module

Manufacturer doublepower!! s.r.o. Czech Republic

dimensions / cm

Polycarbonate body

Product code Name Weight (kg) Lenght Width Height
DP–SA–114–HE–xx–xxx–xx–P doublepower!! SEA 14W, PC 1,3 44,5 10,5 13,5
DP–SA–214–HE–xx–xxx–xx–P doublepower!! SEA, 28W, PC 1,8 72,5 10,5 13,5
DP–SA–314–HE–xx–xxx–xx–P doublepower!! SEA, 43W, PC 2,35 100,5 10,5 13,5
DP–SA–414–HE–xx–xxx–xx–P doublepower!! SEA, 57W, PC 2,85 128,5 10,5 13,5

Glass body

Product code Name Weight (kg) Lenght Width Height
DP–SA–114–HE–xx–xxx–xx–A doublepower!! SEA 14W, Glass 1,75 44,5 10,5 13,5
DP–SA–214–HE–xx–xxx–xx–A doublepower!! SEA, 28W, Glass 2,5 72,5 10,5 13,5
DP–SA–314–HE–xx–xxx–xx–A doublepower!! SEA, 43W, Glass 3,25 100,5 10,5 13,5
DP–SA–414–HE–xx–xxx–xx–A doublepower!! SEA, 57W, Glass 4,05 128,5 10,5 13,5