An universal emergency LED light for industry, logistics and retail


Designed for central backup systems with a true lifespan of at least 60,000 hours

version with battery

Including integrated emergency battery with a life-span of up to 4 years

for demanding conditions

Operating temperature range 5-55°C

  • Durable industrial luminaire complying with all EU norms for emergency lighting

  • Flexible suspension using M6 nuts along the entire profile of the luminaire

  • A special charging/ready LED indicator is clearly visible even from a large distance, signaling the luminaire is correctly connected in a standby mode

The best ones in their field choose the EMA light for emergency lighting

The EMA luminaires ensure reliable emergency lighting in dozens of companies. They have also been used on a long-term basis in many production facilities of the Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic and Slovakia in Prague
  • Simple battery replacement after its lifespan expires
  • True lifespan: 4 years
  • Protection rating IP43

  • Light source: Tridonic LLE G4

  • Optical system and reflectors: linear optics 40°/60°/90°/110°, diffusion optics


Input – BATTERY type (integrated emergency battery)

4,00 W

Input – CBS type (backup from central battery source)

9,50 W

Luminous flux of the luminaire – BATTERY type (integrated emergency battery)

540 lm

Luminous flux of the luminaire – CBS type (backup from central battery source)

1 632 lm

Emergency battery – BATTERY type (integrated emergency battery)

Type: Ni - MH
Actual service life: 4 years
Operating temperature range: +5°C ~ +55°C

Light source

Tridonic LLE G4

Life-span of the luminaire

60 000 hours

Front cover

PMMA optics / diffusion design


Pulled anodized aluminium profile
Highly efficient heat dissipation for optimal heat management of the lamp
Low operating temperatures of the lamp and all components

Protection rating


Operating temperatures

+5°C ~ +55°C

Optical system

Linear optics 40° / 60° / 90° / 110° diffusion optics


No stroboscopic effect for rotating machines
Seamless DALI / DSI control, connection to complex doublepower DALI/KNX control system


doublepower!! s.r.o. Czech Republic


Version with integrated battery Version for central battery system
lamp length 43 cm 30 cm
– no connector 43,5 cm 30,5 cm
– with unplugged connector 45 cm 32 cm
– with plugged connector 54 cm 41 cm
– with sleeve 48,5 cm 35,5 cm
lamp width 5 cm 5 cm
lamp height 6,5 cm 6,5 cm
– including hanging loops 11 cm 11 cm
– including hanging loops and carbines 15,5 cm 15,5 cm
lamp weight including sources, without connected connector and loops 1,6 kg 1 kg