Quality of lighting exceeded any expectations

BRANO a. s.

Mounting heights from 4 to 20 meters and more than 800 luminaires installed at harsh production facilities including a foundry: this is a brief description of the complex lighting reconstruction project at Hradec nad Moravicí.

The extensive lighting reconstruction project included many facilities. We removed more than 1000 discharge-tube and fluorescent-tube luminaires and installed over 800 doublepower!! luminaires.

The foundry environment puts the quality of our luminaires to a very rigorous test indeed. High levels of dust, the impact of steam, temperatures of up to 60°C, and other extreme effects were a challenge to our technologies. We are happy they stood to the test and have been working without any defects for three years already. The illumination level we achieved surpassed the client’s expectations. The doublepower!! luminaires facilitate energy savings and comply with the standards of long-term sustainable lighting conditions.