Warranty conditions

Even the best technology occasionally breaks down*. Rarely, it happens to us in doublepower as well. Learn how we approach defects and complaints.

Specific terms of the warranty and return conditions depend on the specific installation and are agreed upon before the contract is concluded. We know that in comparison with competitors, we are providing our customers with excellent terms: a warranty on both products and installation of up to 10 years, the uptime is guaranteed without the limitation of burning hours or operating temperature (where possible) and so on.

During the warranty period, we will not only deliver spare parts or fixtures, but also we will install them free of charge. We guarantee repair service within 24 hours from reporting the defect.

Upon request, we can provide a few reserve fixtures. Should there be a failure, the defected luminaire may be immediately replaced with the spare one. Then, you do not have to wait for the service team to arrive, complaint solving or technical expertise. Your operation is disturbed to the least possible extent.

*) It is worth noting that the defective rate of doublepower luminaires does not exceed 15. In other words, 990 out of 1000 our luminaires shines through their lifetime without any problems.

Agreed warranty conditions shall be deemed minimal. Our customers are not to be served with excuses and dragging a corner of the vocabulary.

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