The complexity of services

Let’s make it clear: doublepower is not an importer of lighting fixtures or lighting-technical consultant. We are producers of own industrial luminaires with excellent parameters and we exist long enough to prove our technologies perfectly.

The guarantees provided to our customers are based on a perfect knowledge of our luminaires. It is only natural; we are with them from the first construction design until the end of their lifetime. The comprehensive approach to the task is encoded in our mission’s genes.

It is not always the case that customers want complex solution. We often cooperate with electro-installation companies, designers and other expert partners. Even in those cases where the contract’s subject is not to provide a full solution (design, projection, implementation, monitoring, evaluation, service), we are very well aware of what complex solution means and how to subordinate every subsupply. A deep awareness of the context is a guarantee of smooth cooperation for our partners.

Since the first inspection of operation, we apprehend the future solution’s context and pitfalls. Therefore, we will not propose a lighting system in which the luminaire placement would interfere with other technologies or encounter difficulties during installation or maintenance. How to hang the luminaires, how to run the wiring, how to avoid glare and unwanted reflections, how to simplify maintenance – we take all of that into account from the first lighting design proposal.

Requirements for easy installation and maintenance are taken into consideration already during luminaires’ development. Due to the experience of the most demanding industrial installations, our luminaires are already providing uniquely designed mounting, attachment and connection options, so that the time required for installation is as short as possible, and the costs as low as possible.

So whether we are supplying lighting system on a turnkey basis or only a partial solution, our experiences with the continuum of design, manufacturing and installation are always to the benefit of our customers and projects.

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