Quick service

doublepower company has its own installation and service technicians, service response time is therefore very short. For defects disrupting or endangering your operation, we guarantee repair service within 24 hours. Fortunately, such cases do not occur.

The reliability of operations is supported by the use of automatic control system, which enables the remote management of the lighting system. We use it primarily to monitor and eliminate potential problems at the system level, luminaries and each of its components. Therefore, we are very well informed about their condition, and we can react preemptively. Should the defect already occur, the remote management facilitates its identification and shortens the downtime and intervention time.

Remote access to a lighting system also allows changes in setting in accordance with the wishes of the customer. If the change of settings influences contractually guaranteed parameters, we will notify you and suggest alternatives.

We guarantee free warranty service. Post-warranty service is billed according to the valid price list, which will be provided before the contract is concluded.

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