Long-term value

Industrial lighting technology should function (with reasonable maintenance) over the period of 10 to 15 years. Although the luminaires can be still used afterwards, usually it pays off to replace them with new ones, meanwhile improved, with significantly better parameters.

We believe that customers (users) should have no troubles with their luminaires and their controls and lighting conditions for work. Therefore, our lighting fixtures are constructed with minimal demands for maintenance. It is not only about the price of spare parts; fixtures under the ceiling of large buildings are accessible only with special technology, servicing may complicate the operation and require breaks and cause financial losses. Therefore, our luminaires are constructed with the utmost humility and modesty. Among other benefits, you will recognize their value in lower total cost of ownership for the long term.

In the proposal, we will calculate and demonstrate the maintenance costs in given operating conditions.

All optical parts of doublepower luminaires are made of materials that do not degrade over time and that maintain high levels of light transmisssion long term. All components work in maximal thermal and operating comfort to ensure the luminaires fuction reliably for ten or more years.

Nevertheless, even our luminaires age. The slow decline in source’s luminous flux is a natural physical phenomenon and cannot be completely avoided. Appropriate luminaire construction, good heat dissipation, sufficient durability of all components and preventing the dirt and vapor from entering the fixture can significantly slow down the process.

We design the lighting system with correctly and precisely calculated maintanace factor, so that the desired lighting conditions are secured thorought the expected lifetime of the system. Assuming certain minimum maintenance, the expected level of illumination will be observed even after 10 years of operation.

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