Experience and erudition

Own development of luminaires and comprehensive installation provided us with extensive and valuable experience. It is only fair to admit, that sometimes these acquisitions were painful.

Let’s provide one example for all: Despite the technical specification claims, it showed that not every driver works with every T5 fluorescent source in the sufficient temperature range and other conditions. The reinstallation process was difficult and expensive, however, this experience made evident the need for routine testing and verification of all components and construction aspects of the installation. Thus, the result is a sophisticated and nowadays consistently applied process of testing before the production launch, and a system of routine quality controls during everyday luminaires production.

Of course, our customers themselves provide the most important feedback themselves; more precisely by technical workers and employees who physically use the illuminated spaces. Their insights and experience are our most valuable source of knowledge.

Due to long-term professional relationships with the customers, component suppliers and other experts in the process of development and production (Tridonic, AGC, Helvar, Česká společnost pro osvětlování, University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, PREME, VAMET and others), we are able to make use of their know-how as well in order to benefit our customers.

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