Eligibility for extreme conditions

It is a well-known fact that the quality of the whole is determined by the strength of the weakest link. Our luminaires’s ability to withstand extreme industrial conditions is thus based on adequate resistance of individual components and structural elements.

Only overall resistance makes the luminaire truly industrial. It must always be tailored for specific environment. The most common enemies of luminaires (and electric devices in general) in industrial environments are dust, high temperatures, large temperature differences and chemically aggressive conditions. We are able to effectively resist all of these influences.

For example, when designing LED industrial luminaires body, we do not consider it sufficient to let the entire heat sink’s surface conduct the heat away, since entire heat sink’s surface cannot participate long term. We count only on those parts of the heat sink that will not be subjected to dust accumulation. Then, heat sink works reliably in extremely dusty conditions, even though the luminaire was not cleaned for a year or two. (For the record, the efficiency of heat dissipation is not decided only by the surface of the heat sink, but its overall mass. And also its shape: for this reason, we shape our heat sinks in a way that they accumulate as little dust as possible).

Due to a number of well-thought detail and uncompromising demand on their systematic application we can guarantee the exceptional reliability of doublepower technologies even in the most challenging conditions.

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