Certifications and standards

Doublepower luminaires undergo compulsory certification and superior systematic testing of eligibility to withstand the toughest industrial conditions.

Legal tests and certifications, as we understand them, are just a starting point of testing the reliability of our fixtures. We want our luminaires to be tested also by suppliers of electronics or light sources that we use in our luminaires. When their own laboratories verify the excellent characteristics of doublepower technology, they are able to provide above-standard warranty on their components. And we pass on their warranties in comprehensive guarantees provided to our customers.

Mandatory certifications of electromagnetic compatibility, safety, ingress protection (IP) and other characteristics of doublepower luminaires are processed by Electrotechnic and Testing Institute. Our products are further tested by other renowned institutions and companies: TRIDONIC GmbH (Austria) tests the heat, working conditions and operating conditions of electronic drivers; the Czech Society for illumination measures the luminous flux efficiency and light distribution characteristics. We assign tests also to other professional authorities.

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