We know our luminaires inside out. We are with them from the first construction design to the end of their lifetime. We believe in their perfomance, thus we can provide you with superior guarantees. Learn more.

The complexity of services

We are producers of own industrial luminaires with excellent parameters and we exist long enough to prove our technologies perfectly.

Experience and erudition

Own development of luinaires and comprehensive installation provided us with extensive and valuable experience. Nevertheless, sometimes these acquisitions were painful.

Quality without compromises

We believe in specialization and that compromises are harmful. Therefore, we do not offer luminaires suitable for offices, underground garages and foundries at the same time.

Eligibility for extreme conditions

Our luminaires’ ability to withstand extreme conditions is bades on the quality of every individual component.

Certifications and standards

Out luminaires undergo compulsory certification and strict testing of eligibility to withstand the toughest industrial conditions.

Long-term value

We do everything possible to ensure that you experience no troubles with our luminaires, their control and the lighting parameters throughout their whole lifetime.

Warranty conditions

Even the best technoloy occasionally breaks down. Learn more about how we approach those rarely occuring defects and complaints.

Quick service

For defects disrupting or endangering the customer’s operation, we guarantee repair service within 24 hours. Fortunately, such cases do not occur.