Extremely durable industrial luminaire

One of the most durable LED linear luminaires on the market

A robust design with IP65 and a temperature range of -40°C to +65°C (for the TaMAX version)

High modularity and variability

Many power options, various lighting characteristics, diverse attachment options

long lifespan

The L80B10 lifespan comes to 100.000 hours. Think about the long-term costs!

  • A very compact luminaire with particularly efficient heat management

  • Cutting-edge industrial components in a robust body

  • True lifespan of 100,000 hours (L80B10)

  • 8-year guarantee

  • High modularity—many output options

  • Variable use of reflectors, optics and combination of the two, variable lighting characteristics tailored to the needs of various operations

  • Available as an emergency light with an integrated emergency module

  • The front glass cover with a transparent or diffusion design

tree is requested by the top french companies
"Maxi LED is a regular partner of the most demanding clients in France including Airbus, Electricité de France, Nestlé, SNCF, Ariane Group, DHL, ArcelorMittal and many others. Our clients require lighting products with top parameters, which have to resist even the most difficult environments. They appreciate the high quality of doublepower!! products as well as the ability to adapt them to special needs of the customer. The luminaire TREE we have delivered to areas with high temperatures, dust and chemical evaporations where other products failed. Repeated orders from our clients prove that TREE was just what they were looking for!"
Emmanuel Sablon, Owner, Maxi LED, France

Extremely efficient heat dissipation

  • The design of the TREE luminaire was developed in cooperation with technical universities in such a way as to ensure most efficient heat removal from sensitive luminaire components. Thermographic camera measurements confirmed that the design is more efficient than with other luminaires on the market. The entire system works under very comfortable temperature conditions which contributes to the luminaire’s long lifespan without significant degradation of luminous flux

  • An IP68 connector and M6 nut preinstalled in a groove allow for a speedy and variable installation
  • Carefully calculated and designed openings in the luminaire’s profile further enhance its cooling efficiency

TREE: technical parameters

An energy-efficient industrial LED luminaire for both main and local lighting with a unique heat-management design


Version 2 modules 3 modules 4 modules

Output (High Efficiency type)

35,00 W 52,50 W 70,00 W

Output (High Output type)

51,30 W

77,00 W

102,60 W

Luminous flux of the luminaire (High Efficiency type)

 4 451 lm

6 677 lm

8 902 lm

Luminous flux of the luminaire (High Output type)

5 802 lm

8 703 lm

11 604 lm

Efficacy of LED chip / luminaire (High Efficiency type)

145 lm/W / 127 lm/W

Efficacy of LED chip / luminaire (High Output type)

130 lm/W / 113 lm/W

Light source

TRIDONIC LLE EXCITE LED band, 4000 – 6000K


L80B10 = 100 000 hours with Ta +50°C (TaMAX +65°C)

Front cover

3 mm tempered glass AGC ClearVision / PMMA for HACCP applications
Highl level of permeability, withnout degradation in course of time


Body from Anodized Alluminium
Highly Efficient Thermal Management
Low Operating Temperatures of all Components

Protection rating IP65

Operating temperatures

–25°C ~ +50°C (–40°C ~ +65°C for TaMAX version)

Optical system, reflectors

Linear lens 90°/ 60° / Reflector from ALMECO VEGA reflective material / combination of both


No stroboscopic effect
DALI/DSI smooth control, possibility to include into a complex DALI/KNX control system

Manufacturer doublepower!! s.r.o. Czech Republic

dimensions (cm, suspended luminaire)

Version TREE
2 modules
2 modules
3 modules
3 modules
4 modules
4 modules
Lenght of the luminaire without a connector 91 105 118,4 132,9 147 161,6
– with unplugged connector 92,5 106,5 119,9 134,4 148,5 163,1
– with plugged connector 114 119 131,4 145,9 160 174,6
Width  10 10 10 10 10 10
Height 6 6 6 6 6 6
– including hanging rings 10 10 10 10 10 10
– including hanging rings and snap-hooks 14,8 14,8 14,8 14,8 14,8 14,8
Weight (with unplugged connector,
without hanging rings)
3,7 4,2 4,8 5,3 5,8 6,3