Winter stadium lighting

  • Město Chrudim

An installation of lighting on the winter stadiums is confronted with a number of specific conditions, which are not ontypical for conventional industries.


The main requirements imposed on luminaires are following:

  • During the season, the surface is covered with ice. Off-season the stadium may be used for cultural events or inline skating. Thus, the ambient temperatures are very different.
  • In winter, warm luminaires are permanently covered by condensed humidity.
  • Lighting uniformity is a key factor: the ice must be perfectly illuminated both in the middle and around the boundaries.
  • Usually, the operation requires a variety of lighting scenes: for television transmissions, for games, for trainings, for public skating etc.

For stadium in Chrudim, we used doublepower ONE luminaires with high efficiency of the luminous flux and ingress protection IP65. Due to unique body construction of luminaires, it is necessary to seal only a small area on the side of the luminaire to ensure its long-term ingress protection. In addition to that, we select sealing material with slower degradation rate to ensure long-term effect.

With winter temperatures below zero and summer temperatures over 40 °C, doublepower luminaires cope with the temperature differences well due to excellent thermal management. The aluminium body is separated from the electronics and ensures highly effective heat dissipation. Selected light distribution characteristics of doublepower luminaires ensure the evenness of illumination for all lighting scenes and across the whole ice area.

The employees of the stadium have a comprehensive system of management and lighting control at their disposal. To control changes of lighting scenes is easy and reliable. Additional energy savings are achieved by setting of logical groups of luminaires. For example, for pupils’ training only a part of the stadium is used, thus only that part is illuminated.

In this project, we acted as a subcontractor of lighting design and production of luminaires for the company M&D Electronics, which ensured the supply of electrical material and overall implementation of the project. The automated lighting control system was realized in cooperation with the company KYBERTEC.

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