Reconstruction in extreme conditions

  • Coca-Cola HBC Česká republika

Complex lighting reconstruction in extremely demanding conditions of operation had to be completed during the 14-day shutdown in coordination with other ongoing repairs in operation.


The reconstruction concerned the operations of bottling and other activities. Part of the area consists of an operation with high humidity, regularly cleaned with water, in some areas hot steam occurs. High requirements were placed not only in the luminaires themselves, but also on the suspension elements (had to be made of stainless steel) and the actual electrical installation. Operation was very densely built with bottle conveyors, filling lines and other production technologies. Therefore, the access to the ceiling was quite problematic.

Aware of these special conditions, the representatives of Coca-Cola HBC Czech Republic approached the tender for a supply of lighting very carefully. They clearly formulated demands for a light-technical solutions in terms of the level and uniformity of illumination and lighting conditions. They were searching for a partner that offers a reliable, energy-efficient solutions with long-term sustainability of light parameters and minimal maintenance costs. But the key was the ability of the supplier to cope with the extreme conditions of installation.

In the production hall, we installed LED lights. We reconstructed the electrical installation and the entire emergency lighting system (centralized backup power, new fireproof distribution). The lighting system was equipped with an automatic control by daylight. We installed a new control panels and launched various lighting scenes for specific production plans, patrol and orientation modes. The control system runs on KNX-DALI bus. It ensures easy operation with a possibility of changes in the number and placement of luminaires in groups according to production needs. It facilitates visualization and provides reports of consumption, behavior, operating time and lifetime of the system.

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