Intensive illumination without glare

  • ALFMEIER CZ s. r. o.

An implementation for the company ALFMEIER CZ shows that the requirement for high brightness of illumination without glare or unpleasant transitions from light to dark can be accommodated to the full satisfaction of users.


Company’s production operations consists of densely built technologies and a number of workstations. Everything had to be appropriately illuminated with the main ceiling lights. Besides to significant energy savings, there were other important requirements:

  • The uniformity of illumination: every workstation had to be perfectly illuminated. Luminaires layout was supposed to prevent shadows on the workdesks due to the technologies or the employees themselves.
  • The level of illumination: with regards to the type of work activity – assembly of small parts – it was necessary to provide an illumination level of at least 500 Lux.
  • Comprehensive lighting control system: a requirement for the automated control system responding to daylight and addressing lighting on the level of individual luminaires, with a possibility of simple regrouping of luminaires on the basis of the production plan and workplaces’ layout. All of the above was supposed to be complemented by power consumption measurements and reports on behavior of the lighting system.

In the warehouse hall, we had to set up lighting control according to the movement of employees in racking aisles, considering that it is possible to enter the aisles from various directions. In addition to that, it was necessary to ensure that the employees will not be driving from light to dark. All of the above was ensured by a lighting system that reacts quickly and reliably.

We used doublepower T5 luminaires and doublepower ONE. Mostly, we used the existing electrical installation, the rest of the electrical installation and switchboards was converted and modified. We installed a busbar system based on DALI-KNX. Customers’ authorized personnel have a concise visualization and lighting system management at their disposal.

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