Factory lighting operated from a single location

  • Aisan Industry Czech s. r. o.

doublepower technologies are well established in Aisan Industry Czech. Within three years, we reconstructed the illumination of all operations in both factories in Louny.


Mr. Michal Moravek, company’s maintenance assistant manager was looking for a high quality and efficient lighting for its diverse operations.
The densely built-up production halls with a number of workstations required a coherent proposal for a lighting system with low power consumption, high lighting comfort and uniformity of the illumination.

We have designed the solution and in several phases, we delivered main ceiling and local lighting for production operations and warehouse areas.

We replaced the majority of existing lighting electrical installation. We modified and added control of the lighting system so that groups of luminaires, control points and other elements correspond to the needs of the operation. Nowadays, the automated lighting control system on the basis of KNX-DALI manages the lighting system according to the daylight levels. The control interface allows to schedule maintenance, listing reports about the behavior of the system and monitors its consumption. The illumination of both factories is connected into one system, which provides convenient control from a single location. Moreover, the client has a remote access to the system.

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