Extensive installation under extreme conditions

  • Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech

Installing 2416 luminaires and a DALI control system in the halls of Hyundai’s operation in Nošovice was one of the most demanding industrial lighting reconstruction projects in the Czech Republic in recent years. The order, which had an extremely short deadline, was completed properly and ahead of the set schedule.


Rekonstrukce osvětlení v halách Hyundai Nošovice

Only a month after signing the contract, 2416 new doublepower SKY luminaires were already shining in three halls of Hyundai’s Czech auto plant. Less than two months later, we launched a lighting control system based on DALI technology. Thanks to the cooperation of the investor and to the efforts of our workers, we handed over the order 12 weeks before the agreed deadline.

Have a look at some interesting numbers, detailed information, and the investor’s opinion in the following article At the speed of light: express delivery for Hyundai in Nošovice, Czech Republic.

Video about the project on HMMC TV’s corporate channel (in Czech)

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