A race with time

  • Prologis Slovakia

Only 12 days to dismantle 1,600 obsolete luminaires and to install 1,150 new luminaires – that was an assignment of this extremely challenging project.

DC4 logistics center of the company Prologis in Senec is used by companies DHL and Tesco. The operation runs 24 hours a day, excluding weekends. In one rack aisle of 110 meters in length we were allowed to spend a maximum of one hour. The majority of work was carried out on weekends. During the work days, the work was carried out under strict schedule and we unconditionally adapted to the busy operating conditions.

We have installed energy-saving LED industrial luminaires and achieved their declared energy savings. In shelf aisles, we installed luminaires a special double light distribution characteristics that allows for excellent illumination of both aisles floors and merchandise on the shelves.

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