Monitoring and service

No project is finished with the handover and billing. We continuously monitor, assess and verify the achievement of the declared savings and light parameters.


Lighting control systems bring monitoring to perfection. Corporate energy experts are provided with a detailed report on lighting hours, electricity consumption, they plan its own maintenance and similar.

Doublepower products are designed to be durable and reliable, thus they require minimal and no attention.

Our products defective rate is well bellow 1 %. In case of a defect, you have a professional service team at your disposal. The service reaction time is guaranteed within 24 hours, but in practice, it is usually shorter. During the warranty period, we execute repairs free of charge. Afterwards, the service is billed according to the valid price list.

The satisfaction with the long-term support and functionality of our solutions is attested by our customers, who entrusts us with other projects or recommend us to other customers. We perceive this as a one large, ever-renewing commitment.

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