The installation of industrial lighting systems

Quickly, but well and without errors. Adapt to operations in every respect. Work at night, work on weekends. All of that is our standard. The customer knows about everything we do, but at the same time he does not know. We do not make trouble.


We provide customers with a complete installation of selected fixtures including intelligent systems management, design and preparation of switchboards.

During reconstructions while maintaining full operation, there is a rule: no restrictions for customer’s employees, there is always sufficient lighting.

Naturally, we are fully concerned with quality during installations. We use relevant special procedures, components with sufficient, industrial protection classes and similar. The installations are always guaranteed by electricians with years of experience, not only in industrial installations, but also in doublepower’s own production. All of the above ensures the speed and professional execution of the installation.

While installing the automated lighting control systems, the technicians responsible for control system connection are already present during the power installation phase. Thus, work on both segments take place simultaneously, flexibly and efficiently.

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