Industrial lighting projections

We are able to design both simple and very elaborated lighting systems with complex switchboards and sophisticated automatic and programmable lighting control systems. Designed systems meet the requirements for long-term economic efficiency, reliable performance and overall safety.

projekce4For a designer, the starting point is the information obtained on the basis of consultation, survey and measurements.

We understand that in the industrial lighting projection, we must take into consideration the actual operations and its unique conditions, limits, obstacles and requirements. In projection, we also consider the user experience: the designed lighting has to be as comfortable as possible for people that it is supposed to serve.

While preparing lighting-technological calculations, we calculate with the real impact of surfaces reflectance and we correctly include the maintenance factor, so that desired lighting parameters are achieved and sustained not only in the first days after the installation, but also in the duration or years.

We design automated lighting control system only where it provides a further source of additional energy savings or other improvements. The benefits are carefully identified and precisely calculated. If they cannot be documented or shall they not interest you, we will provide such lighting design that will precisely fulfill your needs.



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