The development and production of industrial luminaires

The production of industrial luminaires does not appear out of nothing; it is born from everyday contact with the actual industrial practice.

Research & Development

In doublepower, we systematically accumulate and analyze our experiences with customer requirements and data from numerous assignments’ realizations. This is not supposed to be a marketing phrase, but a description of a well-established practice and the inherent reason for doublepower’s luminaires success. The feedback, intensively collected and managed, is one of the key sources of our know-how.

A further source of innovation represents our constructers’ excellent qualification, their understanding of worldwide trends and the ability to creatively adapt.

One example for all: Luminaires’ overheating increases power consumption and shortens the lifetime of all key components. In terms of LED luminaries, heat dissipation from LED chips is ensured by either heat-conducting paste or tape. We verified that for certain types of paste even a difference of only 0.3 mm in thickness of heat conducting material raises the temperature at the surface of the luminaire up to 30 °C. Uniform coating layer without air bubbles and also adhesion testing, even though it represents only one of many manufacturing operations, can significantly increase product value.

For doublepower luminaires, we use only top-quality components from renowned suppliers, and we test all of them very carefully before implementing into our designs. Sometimes, it is the case that not every light source works well with every driver, even though the supplier may claim so.

We use 3D printing in order to test profiles and components. For analysis, laboratory measurements and certifications we cooperate with certified institutions (VAMET laboratories, Czech Electrotechnical Testing Institute, University of Technology and Chemistry Prague, Technical University of Ostrava) and component suppliers (Tridonic, Helvar, AGC, CREE) and we verify obtained test results during routine operations. Naturally, we launch new products only with 100 % confidence in their reliability and performance.

Manufacturing processes

When producing doublepower industrial luminaires, we adhere to comprehensive manufacturing processes. These processes are differentiated into various stages and each one of them is carefully supervised. The final product is subject to comprehensive final inspection. 

Despite of all exerted diligence, our production of our industrial luminaires remains very flexible. We are accustomed to respond for short delivery times and we are able to customize luminaires according to customer’s individual requirements.

Our forthcoming and creative approach, comprehensive development process and diligent control of industrial luminaires manufacturing – these are three reasons why doublepower produces excellent industrial lighting fixtures that represents the absolute top of the Czech market.