Consultation and light intensity measurements

Excellent lighting project design requires a thorough understanding of the needs of people who will use it, and the needs of the investor, who monitors the overall economic benefit.

We begin every project by exploring specific conditions, requirements and expectations. To do so, we have skilled and well-trained engineers at our disposal. The purpose of this stage is to explore possible solutions for the requirements of both the task and the customer.

Such exploration consists of careful examination and light intensity measurement. We take into consideration the placement of installed equipment and its method of operation. We search for objects that may influence the light dispersion or cause undesired reflection, we determine sources of shadows and the effect of natural daylight, to which the lighting system may be adjusted.

Also, we consider the condition for installation and subsequent maintenance. We register the skylights distribution, possible collisions with air conditioning or heating, girders distribution, columns and alike. And we always remember to look back to investors’ requirements.

This stage’s output is represented by complete and objective base materials for lighting projection.

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