LED Industrial Luminaries

LED based luminaries penetration of industrial market is slower than in the segment of common interior installations. The reason is that industrial environment puts greater demands on luminaries’ quality and sustainability.

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Service life and sustainability play much bigger role in the industrial segment. Every service procedure is expensive and troublesome in an industrial environment. Degradation of overall lighting conditions may greatly affect safety and production quality.

We are aware of that in doublepower and we keep that in mind during every step of designing and manufacturing of our industrial LED luminaries. The declarations of service life or luminous flux loss in time are supported by technical data and measurements. In the development process we rely on many years of experience from hundreds of industrial installations. We closely collaborate with experts whose contribution to the quality of our LED luminaries is of great value. Doublepower LED luminaries are subjected to testing performed by an Austrian company TRIDONIC or by the VAMET laboratories, where temperature calculations are verified. We also consult technical issues with AGC Flatt Glass Czech, 3M Electronics and Energy Business Group, PREME, University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague, and with other specialized establishments.

doublepower!! TREE LED

Energy Efficient Industrial LED Luminaire for Ceiling and Local Lighting with exceptional heat management.

doublepower!! SKY

Highly efficient and modular industrial LED luminaire for even the most demanding installations
Industrial luminaire doublepower!! AIR

doublepower!! AIR

Extremely effective line LED luminaire, the most effective substitute for fluorescent luminaires in less demanding industrial environments.

doublepower!! RAY

Exceptional and efficient illumination of high rack corridors floor and high rack shelves at the same time