Industrial T5 Fluorescent Luminaries

T5 Fluorescent light sources are mostly standardized. What can vary (greatly) is the efficiency, life time and the luminous flux loss of luminaries with T5 light sources.

Choose the luminaire that suits your needs! Products overview

The performance of T5 luminaries is affected by the entire luminary’ design, manufacturing processes and by every used component. In doublepower we develop luminaries with great respect for the environment in which the luminaries will be used – industrial halls.

That is why our luminaries always meet the requirements of a specific application, garantee high energy efficiency and minimize maintenance costs. Thus we can provide the investor with an unbeatable quality.

Uncompromising luminary quality stays our main concern in every step: from the engineering design to the manufacture of luminaries, as well as during their instalation and final setting. We don’t simply follow what is prescribed, we are thinking forward and we offer something more. For example, there is no other producer on the market (as far as we know) using inner conductor of radius 1 mm, which increases luminary’s reliability and extends it’s service life.

One of our main focuses concerning the T5 luminaries is to reach the highest energy efficiency. Each T5 source in a doublepower luminary is covered by it’s own reflector on the top half. The reflectors are designed to minimize the number of light “bounces”, and to prevent the light to be reflected back into the T5 lamps, which would otherwise naturally lead to luminous flux loss.

The reflector material, the glass cover material and design, as well as other casing materials, the industrial electronics, and the T5 sources themselves are subjected to very thorough testing.

As well as with other product ranges, with T5 Fluorescent luminaries we don’t forget about heat management – ensuring the maximal comfort for the electronics and for the light sources even in the toughest industrial environments. We support our statements above about exceptionally long service life, slow luminous flux loss and overall sustainability of our T5 luminaries by comprehensive testing, long warranties and many references.

Our products

doublepower!! T5

Robust, energy efficient T5 fluorescent industrial light fitting.

doublepower!! ONE IP65

Highly Efficient Industrial T5 Light Fitting for Main and Local Lighting.