doublepower!! TREE LED

Energy Efficient Industrial LED Luminaire for Ceiling and Local Lighting with exceptional heat management.


Unique features

  • Expectional themal management ensures highly efficient heat dissipation
  • Various light distribution characteristics according to installation method and mounting height. Use of either optics, reflectors or their combination
  • Front cover from tempered borosilicate glass, with optional diffused version
  • Luminous flux efficacy up to 128 lm/W even at ambient temperatures of 60 °C
  • Top-end industrial components and electronics
  • IP65 protection
  • Operating temperatures range –40 °C ~ +65 °C (TaMAX version)
  • Sustainable long-term high efficiency, very slow decrease of luminous flux over time
  • Warranty up to 10 years, luminaire’s lifetime including electronics min. 100,000 hours

Thermal management and luminaire’s construction

termo-treeThe doublepower!! TREE luminaire’s body is manufactured from extruded anodized aluminium profile. The body surface and heat sink fins are shaped to deliver the most efficient heat dissipation from the light source, and to minimize dust accumulation. The concept was tested not only in the laboratory, but also on prototypes in real-life operations.

We pay great attention to heat-conducting material application. It serves the purpose of conducting the heat away from the LED chips. Even a very small bubble of one millimetr leads to chip’s burnout within few months. In doublepower!!, we use special heat-conducting tape and proven adhering procedure with exceptional and sustainable cooling results.

Due to the sophisticated body shape of the luminaire doublepower!! TREE LED and an emphasis on workmanship, the difference between the ambient temperature and the temperature on the LED chip reference point is not more than 18 °C. In other words the temperature of the chip reaches only 78 °C at ambient temperature of 60 °C. These values are completely unique for LED luminaires.

Such resilience predetermines the doublepower!! TREE LED to be applied even in extreme conditions. Even at very high temperatures, the source’s maximum efficiency is ensured, as well as the long lifetime and very slow decrease of luminous flux over time.

With lower ambient temperatures, the lifetime and luminaire’s output increases, which accounts for additional benefits in case of installation in “standard” industrial conditions.

Powering the chips

Unlike other competing products, LED chips in doublepower!! TREE are powered well below their maximum power supply current and in accordance with the recommendations of the chip producer, who guarantees their lifetime on the basis of tests. Usually, we do not power the chips to more than 60 % of their maximum supply current. The tests (e.g. TM21 directive) confirm that powering the chips below the maximum supply current has a very positive effect on the chip’s lifetime and it also slows down the luminous flux loss. It is one of the reasons why we can guarantee our luminaires lifetime of minimum 100,000 hours.


Many producers encounter difficulties with high levels of glare (UGR) with regards to their luminaires. In order to ensure low glare levels, we embedded the LED modules deeper in the body of the doublepower!! TREE luminaire. The radiance is regulated by suitable optics and/or larger reflectors’ surface. In this manner, we achieve low levels of glare while maintaining very high efficiency of the luminous flux.

For special application (local lighting, spaces where quality control takes place, etc.), doublepower!! TREE luminaires can be equipped with a diffuser, which further lowers the UGR values.


Varianta 2 moduly 3 moduly 4 moduly
Wattage (High Efficiency type) 35 W 53 W  70 W
Wattage (High Output type) 51 W 77 W 102 W
Luminaire’s luminous flux (High Efficiency type)  4 500 lm 6 750 lm 9 000 lm
Luminaire’s luminous flux (High Output type) 5 800 lm 8 750 lm 11 600 lm
Chip/system efficacy (High Efficiency type) 141 lm/W / 128 lm/W (Tc +65 °C)
Chip/system efficacy (High Output type) 123 lm/W / 114 lm/W (Tc +65 °C)
Light source TRIDONIC LLE EXCITE LED strip
Lifespan of Light source 100 000 hours/ L70F50
Lifespan of electronics > 100 000 hours
Front cover 3mm tempered security glass AGC ClearVision / PMMA for HACCP applications
High visible light transmittance, antistatic, no degradation in time
Body Pressed eloxed aluminium profile
Highly efficient heat dissipation for optimal heat management
At ambient temperature +50 °C chip’s temperature only +66,5 °C
At ambient temperature +60°C chip’s temperature only +78 °C
Protection IP65
Ambient temperatures and electronics –25 °C ~ +60 °C (–40 °C ~ +65 °C for  eXtreme INDUSTRY type)
Optical system and reflectors Linear lenses 90°/ 60° / Reflector made of ALMECO VEGA / combination
Low glare values
Others Dimmable optional with DALI/DSI, suitable for use in complex control system
doublepower DALI/KNX

Recommended application

Variant luminaire 2 modules 3 modules 4 modules
The main ceiling lighting tak  tak tak
Local lighting (machines and jobs) tak tak
Production facilities in heavy industries tak  tak  tak
Production facilities in light industries tak  tak  tak
Warehouse premises with free storage (Expedition) tak tak tak
Storage space with shelf aisles (high shelving)
Ice stadiums tak  tak tak
Other sports centers  tak  tak tak
Shopping centers tak  tak  tak
Graphic and photographic studios (* TRUELIGHT variant)
Extremely dusty and aggressive environments tak tak  tak
Environments with very high temperatures  tak tak tak
Low mounting height (2–5 meters)  tak tak
Middle mounting height (5–12 meters)  tak  tak tak
High mounting height (12–18 meters) tak  tak
Very high mounting heights (18–30 meters)