doublepower!! T5

Robust, energy efficient T5 fluorescent industrial light fitting.



Unique features

  • Reflectors designed for various mounting heights ensuring optimal light distribution characteristics
  • Low operating temperature of luminaire’s electronics due to optimal thermal management
  • Front cover from tempered borosilicate glass, with optional diffused version
  • Optional polycarbonate cover, according to HACCP specifications
  • Top-end industrial components and electronics, additional overvoltage protection
  • IP65 protection
  • Operating temperatures range –30 °C ~ +65 °C
  • Long-term high efficiency, very slow luminous flux loss over time
  • Luminous flux efficiency of the luminaire up to 92 %
  • Warranty up to 8 years; luminaire’s lifetime including electronics min. 100,000 hours

Reflector technology and luminaire’s efficacy

For the doublepower!! T5 luminaire, we developed several types of reflectors with various light distribution characteristics. These reflectors are manufactured from silver-coated aluminium (using steam-silvering technology) and their reflectance surpasses 98%. Owing to their shape’s smart design, the majority of the light is radiated after single reflection. Unique wrinkle on the reflector prevens light from bouncing back towards the fluorescent tube. All above reduces the light losses to a minimum. 

Superior efficiency of the doublepower!! T5 luminaire is supported by a glass cover with low iron content. The glass does not degrade over time and ensures high volume of light transmittance. Since it does not create any electrostatic charge, it does not attract as much dust as other types of coverage and it is very easy to maintain.

Electronics and interior wiring

Not all types of electronic drivers function as reliably and long-lastingly with every type of T5 source and at every ambient temperature. Therefore, we thoroughly verify the reliability of various combinations. Similarly to all our luminaires, doublepower!! T5 also uses the toughest industrial-class electronics with a minimum lifetime of 100 000 hours, guaranteed even under the most challenging conditions.

Regarding the electric wiring inside the luminaire, we are the only manufacturers who use only cables with a diameter of 1mm for all electric wiring. We pay close attention to the orientation and length of cold and warm endings, on the so-called cold spots’ orientation of used fluorescent lamps, etc. We build on these details to ensure the exceptional endurance and lifetime of doublepower!! T5 luminaires.


Wattage 4 x 50 W 4 x 54 W 4 x 73 W 4 x 80 W
Wattage (max. incl. electronics) 214 W 230 W  306 W 334 W
Luminaire’s luminous flux (min.–max according to light distribution; lm)
Efficiency of T5 light sources
Luminaire’s efficiency (min.–max according to the light distribution)
Light source Philips Master TL5 HO ECO Osram Lumilux Constant Philips Master TL5 HO ECO Osram Lumilux Constant
Lifespan of light source 25 000 hours
Lifespan of electronics > 100 000 hours
Front cover 4mm tempered glass AGC ClearVision / 3M protective foil SH4CLARL for HACCP
High light transmitance, antistatic effect, no degradation over time
Body Welded body of 1 mm galvanized sheet metal, protective industrial paint
Highly efficient heat dissipation for optimal heat management
Low operating temperatures – prolonged life of all components
Protection IP65
Driver A1 Tridonic / Helvar
Warm start, EOL, optional emergency module
Ambient temperatures –20 °C ~ +65 °C
Optical system and reflectors Reflectance > 98 %, polished silver-coated aluminium, eloxed
Alanod Miro Silver/Almeco Silver
Optimized for various installation heights
Others No stroboscopic effect when used with rotating machines
Easy replacement of sources and electronics due to the sliding out of luminaire’s
main board
Dimmable optional with DALI/DSI, suitable for use in complex control system doublepower DALI/KNX

Recommended application

Variant luminaire 4 x 50 W 4 x 54 W 4 x 73 W 4 x 80 W
The main ceiling lighting tak  tak tak  tak
Local lighting (machines and jobs) tak tak
Production facilities in heavy industries tak  tak  tak tak
Production facilities in light industries tak  tak  tak tak
Warehouse premises with free storage (Expedition) tak tak tak  tak
Storage space with shelf aisles (high shelving)  tak  tak
Ice stadiums  tak tak
Other sports centers  tak  tak tak tak
Shopping centers tak  tak  tak  tak
Graphic and photographic studios (* TRUELIGHT variant)  tak* tak*  tak*  tak*
Extremely dusty and aggressive environments tak tak  tak tak
Environments with very high temperatures tak tak
Low mounting height (2–5 meters)  tak tak
Middle mounting height (5–12 meters)  tak  tak tak tak
High mounting height (12–18 meters)  tak tak  tak tak
Very high mounting heights (18–30 meters) tak  tak