doublepower!! AIR

Extremely effective line LED luminaire, the most effective substitute for fluorescent luminaires in less demanding industrial environments, logistics operations, and retail.

Průmyslové svítidlo doublepower!! AIR

Unique features

  • High luminaire efficacy of 132–164 lm/W
  • Responsibly designed aluminum body for effective heat removal
  • Available in version HE (High Efficiency) and HO (High Output)
  • Various performance variations
  • Optional correlated colour temperature 3 000–6 500 K
  • IP43 enclosure rating
  • Primary lighting characteristics of 40°, 60°, 90° and 110°, asymetric characteristic available
  • Front enclosure in clear or diffuse versions
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 5 years warranty

Modularity and variability

We offer doublepower!! AIR luminaires in basic HE and HO versions. Version HE maximizes luminaire efficiency up to 164 lm/W. Version HO maximizes the luminous flux emitted by the luminaire and its efficiency is 156 lm/W. The luminaire is available in five performance variations for each version.

Luminaire construction

The luminaire’s simple, pragmatic, and aesthetic design limits dust buildup and supports speedy heat removal from LED chips and drivers. Although we created doublepower!! AIR for less demanding applications, we still paid the utmost attention to the high-quality design of its body.


The doublepower!! AIR luminaire is made for less demanding operations in light industry, logistics, and retail. It’s suitable for local lighting, inspection workplaces, and covering other areas that require both intense and high-quality lighting. Thanks to the variability of the lighting characteristics, doublepower!! AIR will successfully light rack corridors or the inner space of the racks themselves.

Optical system and front enclosure

You can choose from several lighting characteristics of the luminaire including asymmetrical settings from two front enclosures in either clear or diffuse versions.

Quick and easy installation

The spacing of the luminaire’s installation points can be adapted to various suspended or track systems.


prumyslove-Různé velikosti průmyslového svítidla doublepower!! AIR


Variant 2 modules 3 modules 4 modules 5 modules 6 modules
Output (High Efficiency type) 19.10 W 28.65 W 38.20 W 47.80 W 57.30 W
Output (High Output type) 28.40W 42.60 W 56.80 W 71.00 W 85.20 W
Luminous flux of the luminaire (High Efficiency type) with 4 000 K 3 144 lm 4 717 lm 6 288 lm 7 861 lm 9 433 lm
Luminous flux of the luminaire (High Output type) with 4 000 K 4 431 lm 6 647 lm 8 862 lm 11 077 lm 13 292 lm
Efficacy of the LED chip/luminaire (High Efficiency type) 171 lm/W / 165 lm/W (174 lm/W / 168 lm/W with 5 000 K)
Efficacy of the LED chip/luminaire (High Output type) 162 lm/W / 156 lm/W (163 lm/W / 157 lm/W with 5 000 K)
LED light source TRIDONIC LLE G4 ADVANCE LED strip, 3 000–6 500 K
Life-span of the luminaire L80B10 > 60 000 hours in Ta +35 °C
Front cover PMMA optics / diffused
Body Anodized Alluminium
Highly Efficient Thermal Management
Low Operating Temperatures of all Components
Protection rating IP43
Operating temperatures –25 °C ~ +50 °C
Optical system Linear lens 40°/ 60° / 90°/ 110° / asymmetrical versions / diffused optics
Others No stroboscopic effect
DALI/DSI smooth control, possibility to include into
a complex DALI/KNX control system

Recommended application

The main ceiling lighting  tak
Local lighting (machines and jobs)  tak
Production facilities in heavy industries
Production facilities in light industries tak
Warehouse premises with free storage (Expedition) tak
Storage space with shelf aisles (high shelving) tak
Ice stadiums
Other sports centers tak
Shopping centers tak
Graphic and photographic studios (* TRUELIGHT variant)
Extremely dusty and aggressive environments
Environments with very high temperatures
Low mounting height (2–5 meters)  tak
Middle mounting height (5–12 meters)  tak
High mounting height (12–18 meters)
Very high mounting heights (18–30 meters)