Cooperation demands

We know that your employees have enough to worry about. Therefore, we want to burden them as little as possible with the project. Nevertheless, the luminaires will be illuminating your premises, therefore certain cooperation is inevitable.

Equipped with the experience from hundreds of projects, over the years we have developed a procedure that seamlessly leads to a truly high-quality solution without burdening your staff. So when do we need their cooperation?

The cooperation is crucial in preparing the lighting-technical design and implementation project. We will consult a number of details with your employees. Also, we will need expert assistance for the technical inspection of the operation and its measurements. Consultations and refinement will likely occur over the submitted offer, however, the offer is drafted in a way to minimize unnecessary inquiries.

Prior to the implementation, there will be a short pre-installation meeting (PIM), during which we will summarize the installation process, we will introduce you to the responsible personnel, and we will answer any questions regarding transportation, storage and overall schedule.

And finally, we will welcome your attention during project evaluation and verification of its declared properties.

From the experience, we know that a project in a company will occupy a total staff of 1—3 people for a period of 10—30 hours. Such claim is obviously indicative and strictly depends on the size and complexity of the project. Simpler projects’ demands on your staff are practically negligible.

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