The quality of doublepower technology leads to victories in tenders. We provide our partners with superior support and truly professional services that will help you succeed.

We do not consider only short term goals and we do not behave short-sightedly. There are no circumstances under which we would bypass our partners. If you choose to share any information with us regarding your inquiry, you do not have to worry that the information will be misused to establish direct contact with the client or competing supplier.

We created a binding program for the protection of our project partners, which we strictly follow. That is the reason why we have established a successful cooperaton with many local and foreign partners in recent years.

Offer for local partners

  • Own development and production of industrial, high-quality, reliable and energy-saving luminaires
  • Flexible, customized manufacturing of specialized luminaires and configurations
  • Experience with providing comprehensive service and deep insight into the needs of the designer, electro-installation company or distributor
  • Professional services of expert technical department: lighting and technical designs, electrical designs, comprehensive proposals for lighting control systems. Working with AutoCAD, Dialux and others.
  • Strong company background: for business issues, there are available experienced salesmen, for technical issues our knowledgeable technical staff
  • We know that time is money: We guarantee quick and professional response to your inquiries even in the tightest deadlines
  • Clear and understandable terms and conditions
  • Superior and genuine guarantees

Main contact:
František Soumar, Sales Director

Extended offer for our foreign partners

  • Our dealers can assist in your business activity directly with your customer.
  • We will provide you with technicians for technical assistance, measurement and projection
  • We will offer you local references from global companies, which have subsidies in your market

Main contact:
Filip Kříž, Managing Director