At the speed of light: express delivery for Hyundai in Nošovice, Czech Republic

One of the most demanding industrial lighting reconstruction projects that took place in the Czech Republic in recent years was our order for Hyundai Motor Manufacturing Czech. The order was unique in its volume of supply, technical demands, and the extremely short deadline for implementation. Let’s have a walk around three newly illuminated factory halls and shed some light on the details that made this job a success.


Hala s výrobou Hyundai i30 N
Secret news comes to light…

What do the investors think about our project?

“From our point of view, this was a very important investment, and because of this, for the first time, we tried co-financing energy-efficient technologies using European subsidies. That’s why it was crucial for the implementation to take place seamlessly and for the task to be carried out exactly as stated. Doublepower not only proved their high level of professionality and experience — their references also pointed to the fact that they know exactly what an industrial client expects — but also proved their extraordinary effort and dedication. They finished the job with the required level of quality long before the deadline and without any hesitation.”
Lukáš Hrnčiřík, Treasury Department, Manager

“We were looking for a truly high-quality and reliable solution and we completely adapted the specification conditions accordingly — from luminaire specifications to guarantees and relevant certifications. In terms of achieved savings, our instantaneous demand has lowered by 1.7 MWh and our monthly consumption (after two months of monitoring) has decreased by 2400 MWh. In regard to our overall consumption, these new smart luminaires have really decreased our lighting costs. I would like to send my big thanks to doublepower for their fantastic cooperation. I think they’re the only ones in Europe who would be able to exchange an unbelievable 2416 luminaires in fully technologically equipped industrial halls in only 14 days. They’ve gained my esteem and respect for their incredible performance and quality.”
Jiří Vaculík, Facilities & EHS, Specialist

Project Objectives

The purpose of the investment was — as always — to save energy and to better illuminate production space. Although you might not see it on the image below, the auto-manufacturing environment is highly inhospitable to industrial luminaires. That’s why the selection procedure naturally placed emphasis on the quality of the solution — life-span, sustainability of parameters, and the duration of the guarantee. The client required strict ENEC certification or its equivalent for the luminaires that were to be installed.

We knew we were able to meet these strict demands. The doublepower SKY luminaires that we selected are made to withstand ambient temperatures of up to 50 °C and are certified to meet these requirements by a laboratory that is a member of the ENEC. We accepted the challenge and fulfilled the order more than two months ahead of schedule.

Infographic: reconstruction of industrial lighting in Hyundai by doublepower!!
Timeline of completing the order

The level of illumination in all halls increased. We also achieved significant improvements in problematic areas, for instance on the upper safety net platforms.

Installing lights in the welding hall was especially complicated. The hall, sometimes nicknamed Jurassic Park by visitors, is one massive robot playground. Because the majority of installation points were unreachable using regular boom lifts, we used a special platform. Out of respect for its arm, which stretches over 30 meters, employees nicknamed it Godzilla. Our equipment also wasn’t complete without mountain-climbing gear.

Roboti Hyundai
People and robots alike want to see their work

Video about the project on HMMC TV’s corporate channel (in Czech)

Interesting facts and numbers

Luminaires used: doublepower SKY

  • Smart LED industrial luminaires
  • System efficiency > 137 lm/W
  • Life-span > 100,000 hours
  • IP 65 enclosure rating
  • Communication via DALI protocol
  • Unlimited 7-year guarantee

Průmyslové svítidlo doublepower!! sky

If we were to lay all the doublepower SKY luminaires on the ground next to one another, they would form a line that would reach from Eiffel Tower to Notre-Dame.


Doublepower SKY luminaires are the result of our own evolution, which is aimed at the durability and efficiency of luminaires in demanding industrial operations. We manufacture them in our Prague plant. Modern LED chips made by American manufacturer CREE are powered by Tridonic brand industrial drivers. More information on the doublepower SKY luminaire

Total delivery

  • Number of supplied luminaires: 2450
  • Number of installed luminaires: 2416
  • Total weight of supplied luminaires: 17 tons


  • Duration of manufacturing 2450 luminaires: 33 days
  • Number of LED chips used: 115,000
  • Number of optics used: 9600
  • Length of aluminum profile for bodies and driver boxes: > 3 km
  • Length of internal conductors: > 10 km
  • Length of silicon free connection cable: > 10 km


  • Number of old luminaires that were dismantled and disposed of: 2416
  • Duration of installing 2416 luminaires: 15 days
  • Average daily performance: 160 luminaires
  • Length of DALI control system distribution network cable: ~20 km
  • Workers on site: 30
  • Work injuries: 0

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It pays to invest

A full-fledged control system for a lighting network makes maximum use of natural daylight. The control system can be operated directly from the halls via touch panels that offer a visualization of the controlled spaces. This can also be done from computers operated by the control workers, who can make high-precision settings for the behavior of the lighting system all the way down to controlling individual luminaires. Routine operation doesn’t otherwise require any human intervention.

Savings for the investor

  • Power requirement of the original system: 1110 kW
  • Power requirement of the new system: 362 kW
  • Energy savings without the influence of the control system: 67 %
  • Energy savings with the influence of the control system: > 75%

Tady je robotovo. Hala Hyundai v Nošovicích nasvětelná doublepower SKY
This is Robot Country. Humans (almost completely) forbidden


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