What defines the price

We live in a world where quality comes with a price tag. The quality of the industrial luminaires is primarily reflected by the efficiency, lighting conditions and long-term reliability of both these parameters.

Higher quality is naturally reflected in the higher price of the more demanding technological development, used top quality components, and careful manufacturing process and product testing.

Every investor is pushing the price and every supplier tries to respond to the pressure adequately. In doublepower, we do not resort to the traditional tricks:

  • We will not propose a worse lighting solution only because it will cost less.
  • We will not calculate the savings that you will never achieve.
  • Will not come to you during the realization that we did not expect certain circumstances, due to which it will now be necessary to increase the investment.

Our offers are based on carefully researched conditions of considered space and well-discussed customer requirements. Our claims and promises are supported by certificates and calculations. Prices are final and reported savings and other quality parameters contractually guaranteed.

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