Saving energy and money

Every solution can look great on paper. To quantify the consumption according to the customer’s ideas is easy – and without a connection to the reality it is even easier. Fictitious savings can be achieved by various tricks, e.g. by long-term unsustainable parameters of the lighting fixtures. We are concerned about real savings. We know how to reach them, and we can prove it.

Declared savings and long-term preservation of doublepower luminaires’ high illumination standards, we guarantee de jure and your money is valorized de facto. Usually, we achieve ROI within 18 to 36 months.

In order to fulfill our promises, we cooperate closely with the investor when preparing the project. We want to understand the purpose and sequence of specific tasks in operations, deduce their illumination needs and pair them with the space configuration. All input parameters for the power consumption calculation we consult and verify thoroughly.

Perhaps it is difficult to imagine a 80% energy savings combined with quick return on investment. Nevertheless, our references show it is possible, and it makes profit for our customers every day.

Saving money on lighting is possible almost anywhere, not only when reconstructing old fluorescent or metal halide luminaires, but also with more modern luminaires. Surely, when constructing new properties, the investor is focused on the total volume of the investment. Even here, it is important to calculate on future operations costs. If our solution is more expensive than average luminaires, the price difference is very small and will pay itself in a matter of months.

Increase the lighting running costs savings with our automated control systems

In projects that are using automated lighting control systems, we always separate energy savings due to the lower wattage of newly installed lighting from savings achieved by using automated control systems. The saving expressed by lower wattage of new lighting system is given. Additional savings may be only estimated, since it depends on a number of independent parameters. When making a qualified estimate, we draw on the average number of hours of daylight, respectively the sunlight in given location, we measure the level of daylight in operations at different times of the day. Considering automated control by movement, we draw on the operation’s rules, number of employees and others. The calculated values are artificially lowered, so that we give them a chance for a pleasant surprise.

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