Alternative financing

Lighting reconstruction offers a truly attractive savings and rapid return on investment. Therefore, it is worth considering financing from a suitable form of a loan and repay it from the operational savings.

Energy-saving reconstructions can be financed in numerous ways, from simple distribution of price into installments with no direct connection to achieved savings, to so-called Energy Performance Contracting (EPC).

In the EPC model of financing, the supplier bears all the risk of not achieving declared savings. For a time set in the EPC contract, the investor pays for what he truly saves on the luminaires’ operations. If the supplied technology has higher than declared wattage, and achieved savings are thus lower, the investor pays less. In reality, the customer does not levy 100 % of the savings to the supplier, but only 90 or 80 %, therefore he achieves additional profit from the reconstruction from the first day.

Usually, the return on investment considering lighting reconstruction is very quick, therefore the EPC contract is concluded for a period of 3–6 years.

With EPC financing, we collaborate closely with major financial institutions with a long and stable history. Their reputation gives our customer the assurance of safe reconstruction financing and this increases the complexity and comfort of the already comprehensive solution.

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