Acquisition vs. operating costs

Acquisition costs are immediately visible, here and now. However, the investment in the industrial lighting (whether during new construction or renovation) is considered with foreseeing many years of reliable performance. During their whole operating lifetime, luminaires will consume electricity, maintenance, service – in one word, costs. It is therefore recommended to always carefully consider the total cost of ownership.

Initial (mostly small and one time only) savings on the luminaires purchase price can cause significant (and long-term) increase in the costs of routine operations. Not only it could, it happens ordinarily.

The difference in the acquisition costs of standard (cheaper) and truly economical (slightly more expensive) solution is quickly compensated by a significant difference in their operating costs. Simply put, whatever you save on the investment, you are going to waste in routine operations. Conversly, the higher investment cost will return in lower operating costs in a matter of a few months. Quality solutions have longer lifetime, operational savings will therefore only increase with every day of operations.

In order for such situation to occur, it is necessary to correctly calculate the economic calculation. Savings should not be achieved at the expense of luminaires long-term consistent performance, and thus at the expense of safety and comfort of the people, who will be using the luminaires for work or entertainment.

If you are considering reconstruction of industrial lighting or planning for new construction, please contact us with a request for processing competing lighting design – for information and for comparison. We will demonstrate in clear numbers, whether doublepower solution will increase the costs of your investment, and if so, how quickly and for how long the solution will reliably save you money due to its low operational costs.

The data will be based on real data and skeptical assumptions. The achievement of concrete savings, technical parameters of luminaires and the period of stability of these characteristics, we contractually guarantee.

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