Everything that is of interest for owners and their economists: how much it will cost and why. The information on costs and revenues, tips on comparing different offers and original way to finance project from energy savings only (and profit even more).

Saving energy and money

Every solution can look great on paper. Fictitious savings can be achieved by various tricks. We are concerned about real savings. We know how to reach them, and we can prove it.

Acquisition vs. operating costs

Acquisition costs are immediately visible, here and now. However, the investment in the industrial lighting (whether during new construction or renovation) is considered with foreseeing many years of reliable performance.

What defines the price

We live in a world where quality comes with a price tag. The quality of the industrial luminaires is primarily reflected by the efficiency, lighting conditions and long-term reliability of both these parameters.

How to verify/compare lighting projects

If you would like to object that this time and your employees’ time costs you money, we will respond that for the exact same reason you should invest appropriate resources.

Terms of payment

The payment terms are always subject to individual agreements, but they have one thing in common. The main part of the total price for realization is paid after real demonstration and verification of the declared parameters.

Alternative financing

Lighting reconstruction offers a truly attractive savings and rapid return on investment. Therefore, it is worth considering financing from a suitable form of a loan and repay it from the operational savings.