Take a look at whom we worked for or currently work for.

Plant in Prague-Kyje ensures production for the Czech and European market. Very demanding reconstruction due to the nature of the manufacturing operations and with only a brief shutdown, finished to absolute satisfaction of the customer.
Auto manufacturer in the Czech Republic. Exceptionally demanding reconstruction of more than 2400 luminaires including installation of automated control in three of the company’s halls in Nošovice.
Global logistics services for FMCG, automotive, beauty, construction and electrical industries. Extensive reconstruction of lighting in several company operations in Trnava.
Manufacturer of commercial and special vehicles, buses and engines. Efficient lighting for a warehouse with demanding requirements for intelligent management and high temperature resistance.
Car factory TPCA is a joint venture between the world’s leading automakers, cars are assembled in Ovčáry close to Kolín since 2005.
Manufacturer of pumps, fuel modules, throttle valves and aluminum castings. The company chose doublepower repeatedly to reconstruct all its operations in both plants in Louny.
Factory of Korean automobile manufacturer. Doublepower technology was delivered in several stages to various operations in Slovak Republic.
The operator of MAKRO chain. Reconstruction of the Slovak markets, with a complete renewal of electroinstallation, automated control system and the local lighting of products on the shelves.
The owner of industrial and logistics facilities. During reconstruction of the logistics warehouse in Senec, over 1500 luminaires was dismantled and over 1100 luminaires installed in just 12 days.
One of the world’s largest manufacturers of construction machinery. The company relies on doublepower luminaires for long time; in the last four years, the most of operations in Dobříš has been reconstructed.
World leader in the production of automotive seating, interiors, exteriors and emission controls. doublepower luminaires provide illumination and saves costs in operations in Hlohovec (SK) and Jelczi-Laskowice (PL).
The company develops and manufactures electrical components for vehicle safety, DC converter stations and other electrical devices. It belongs to Swiss group Sécheron Hasler Group.
In Krupka near Teplice is one of the most modern operations for the production of insulation materials in Europe. doublepower luminaires function in conditions that are subject to extreme dusting and high temperatures.
The company ranks among the leading suppliers of key automotive parts. Reconstruction of illumination involved both halls of company operations in Nošovice.
A manufacturer of electrical components and systems for the control, automation and energy savings. In production operation in Pisek, our luminaires help them to achieve great energy saving results.
A leading supplier of technology for storage systems, workshops, factories and waste. Installation of illumination for production hall with intelligent control system KNX DALI.
Manufacturer of snow chains, chains for forestry industries, load, and other conveyor chains and anchor means.
Supplier of equipment for cryogenic storage and distribution of liquefied gases. Installation of illumination in smaller production hall of the company in Děčín.
In the context of comprehensive energy-saving measures we reconstructed winter stadium lighting in Chrudim.
Manufacturer of plastic packaging for various contents, such as shower gels, motor oil or lemonade. Over the years we have reconstructed a number of company’s operations in Bystrice u Benesova.
Manufacturer of steel springs for railway and automotive industries. Nearly overall replacement of lighting in the operations with the deployment of intelligent control systems.
Traditional producer of patented and proprietary wires, cables, girders and steel cords. We have introduced energy-saving luminaries in Expedition and Adjustment halls and Warehouse.
Traditional cast iron foundry in Zlín. We supplied luminaires not only for foundry’s environment where extreme dusting, vibration and for heat occurs, but also for paint boxes (an environment with danger of explosion).
Division ob Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, a leading global player in transport and logistics. We provided a comprehensive project of illumination reconstruction for operations in Pilsen.
Manufacturer of plastic parts for automakers. New, efficient lighting for all manufacturing and warehouse operations. Funding for the project from savings in the form of EPC.
A major manufacturer of locks, closing devices and other components for the automotive industry. Our luminaires installed in foundry operations are facing the toughest conditions.
Supplier of printing services. Complex lighting installations in Prague premises with high demands for color fidelity (Ra > 96 %).
Manufacturer of components for the automotive industry. New efficient lighting with intelligent control system for KNX DALI production facilities in Kopřivnice.
Manufacturer of domestic sewage treatment plants. Comprehensive lighting installation for the new company’s operations in Soběslavi, including the control system using DALI and KNX technology.
Current production of the company is focused on aerosol valves and accessories. Installation of lighting in production and warehouse areas of the company.
Manufacturer of systems for industrial, hydraulic and aerospace applications. Complex illumination reconstruction with an automatic control system (DALI-KNX collaboration with Schneider Electric).
One of the leading logistics companies in the region. Doublepower technologies are on display in many company warehouses in Stránčice and Jažlovice.
The most important Czech manufacturer of weapons and weapon systems. While reducing the energy demands of buildings we installed new lighting systems in production halls in Nováky.
Production of stone crushers, founding towers, scissor platforms, hydraulic cylinders, boilers and others. Large and very complex reconstruction in Uhersky Brod and Postřelmov.
Engineering for energy, chemicals and petrochemicals, production of steel structures. Luminaires doublepower provide long-term savings in energy and maintenance in part of operations in Ostrava.
The company is mainly engaged in production of plastic packaging. Czech manufacturing hall operates in Aš.
Manufacturer of equipment for transportation, energy and medicine. The delivery of luminaires for operations in Modřice was marked with extraordinary demands on maintaining the cleanliness of the operations. Installation in extremely full hall.
Manufacturer of wheels for the automotive industry. New illumination for the production hall in Mošnov. The delivery included funding from achieved savings with return within 3 years.
A major manufacturer of cast iron, iron castings and model equipment. Successful solution to insufficient illumination of production hall, supply of intelligent control system KNX DALI.
AGC Flat Glass Europe a. s., a member of the AGC Group, is the largest producer of flat glass and its applications in Central and Eastern Europe. Lighting reconstruction took place in the hall in Dubí.
Leading manufacturer of reinforced structural systems. Illumination of production hall in Vrdy and two halls in Topos Tovačov. Successful, long-term cooperation.
One of the major players in the logistics services industry. Gradual reconstruction of warehouses illumination in Ovčáry, including automated control depending on daylight and employees’ movement.
Manufacturer of tractors that are known worldwide.
Even PRAKAB, a manufacturer of cables and wires, relies on doublepower luminaires in the long term. Within five years, we reconstructed the illumination inf most of the company’s operations in Hostivař.
Traditional manufacturer of hydraulic equipment for aerospace, mobile technology and healthcare. The new outdoor lighting including distribution, columns and illumination of dispatch ramps.
Manager of strategic oil reserves. Modernization of unreliable lighting in areas with potentially explosive atmospheres. The new maintenance-free lighting with a 10-year guarantee, reducing maintenance costs.
Part of Toyota Tsusho Corporation (TTC) provides for logistics, warehouse and service requirements of the Toyota group. Two reconstruction of illumination took place in the company’s warehouse operations in Liberec.
Part of the Alfmeier Group, a producer of valves, actuators, pumps and regulators. Reconstruction of illumination in production and warehouse facilities in Pilsen with an implementation of control system (DALI-KNX).
Production of industrial valves. Illumination replacement in 4 production halls, application of intelligent control systwem. The parameters of the system verified by independent certified authority.
A leading manufacturer of rubber and silicone mixtures. Lighting system for manufacturing and warehouse facilities faces extreme dusting, high temperatures and considerable disturbances in the grid.
Part of the Prysmian Group, a world leader in systems for energy and telecommunications. Illumination of warehouse operations with automated control depending on the movement of people and daylight intensity.
Steel service center is engaged in division of steel material for industry. Our luminaires are subjected to long-term ratings in several smaller parts of the company.
One of the subsidiaries of the largest producer of hygienic supplies for private labels in Europe. We install luminaires in many manufacturing halls and warehouses of the company in Turnov.
Czech producer of boilers and radiators. Reconstruction of illumination in production halls. Luminaires CORRIDOR ensure quality illumination of rack storage and substantial savings on power consumption.
Comprehensive logistics services, road, sea, air and rail transport. We provided lighting for warehouse operations in Jicin and Liberec.
Glassworks in Lednické Rovne (Slovak Republic) is among the world famous manufacturer of drinking and other glass. doublepower LED luminaires have proved their quality in very dusty conditions.
Manufacturer of recuperation units and components for heat exchanger stations. With our luminaires, we equipped a new paint shop and assembly hall, and we installed the new exterior lighting.
Production and modernization of trams, trolley buses and electric bus. A very successful lighting reconstruction of majority of the production facilities in one of the largest repair areas of the Czech Republic.
A leading global producer of welding and cutting equipment and welding materials. For many years, our luminaires are proving themselves in the harsh conditions of production operations in Vamberk.
The largest manufacturer of civil and military aviation technology in the Czech Republic. Replacement of illumination in three production halls. We have met the demanding requirements for aircraft production.
Traditional Czech manufacturer and innovator of rail vehicles. We won the tender to supply lighting for the majority of manufacturing spaces. Intelligent management system KNX DALI.
The company build on the long tradition of engineering production in Zlatomoravecká region. Complex illumination reconstruction of existing production facilities and the overall lighting design of the new operation.
A member of the Schaeffler Group, a leading supplier of engine components, transmissions, chassis and industrial bearings.
Manufacturer of efficient compounds on the basis of polyolefin and polyester fibers for the construction, automotive, hygiene and medical applications.
Member of the RadiciGroup, processing polyamide fibers. One of the challenges in the lighting reconstruction was truly excellent illumination of the twisting fibers quality control.
Europe’s leading supplier of steel rolled products. At nearly 500 m long and 25 m high hall IV, we achieved a 65% reduction in power consumption and improved the quality of illumination.