Winter (Ice Hockey) stadium lighting

In case of ice stadiums, the choice of lighting fixtures is limited by extreme temperature fluctuations. In winter, there may be severe frost below the ceiling, thus causing water to condense on luminaires. In summer (if the stadium is used for cultural events or inline skating), the temperatures are extremely high. The uniformity of lighting and glare protection is of special importance, since for example hockey is being played both in the middle of the stadium and at the corners of the rink, and the puck must be visible not only for the players, but also for the audience.

Our luminaires are prepared for temperature fluctuations. They are equipped with high ingress protection, their design is suited for easy maintenance and short installation time. Due to special light distribution characteristics they provide even surface illumination and high energy savings. Maintenance costs are minimal or absent.

Automated control systems enable optimal programming of lighting scenes for television broadcasts, contests, trainings or public skating, and thus ensure additional savings.