Sport fields lighting

Sport fields lighting places great requirements on the light color, glare protection, light uniformity in all corners of the field and the luminaires’ construction, so that they are resistant to impacts. As always, it is important to minimize operating and maintenance costs. Doublepower luminaires are equipped with a high ingress protection and are designed for both indoor and outdoor usage. Due to the unique cover design, they do not have to be cleaned too often.

Energy efficiency is of key importance. The technology of our luminaires ensures maximal usage of luminous flux and its optimal distribution into the illuminated space.

Automated control systems enable further reduction of the operational cost by lowering luminaires’ output depending on the natural light level. They offer various time-dependent programs and light scenes. At all times, the emphasis is given on illumination uniformity. Even though our luminaires are dimmed during the day, the lighting conditions and light uniformity on the field stay always excellent.