Retail lighting

In retail, the emphasis on maximizing energy savings comes naturally. Nevertheless, there are other specific requirements for lightning condition. There is a need for different chromaticity for illumination of fruits and vegetables than for illumination of packaged goods. Moreover, merchandising concepts work with the psychological impact of the overall and local lighting.

Doublepower luminaires are equipped with high protection coverage and they ensure long-term sustainability of lighting parameters. They lower or entirely eliminate maintenance costs, therefore virtually eliminating the risk of undesired interruptions of operations.

Complex automated control systems count on the use of natural daylight. It is possible to set different time programs and scenes, such as night orientation of lighting or scene for supply processes, which further increases operations efficiency.

Perfectly uniform illumination eliminates irritating transitions from too dark into too bright areas. Properly designed and operated lighting system has proven influence on customers’ behavior, and thus on sales results as well.