Lighting for manufacturing halls

Dustiness, high ambient temperatures, long operating hours and difficult access to luminaires on one hand, and high demands on reliability and minimizing operating costs on the other hand – these are typical issues encountered by lighting systems in industrial spaces. The intensity, chromaticity and color rendering of light or eventual glare significantly influence the working conditions and thus employees’ performance.

We included all of the aspects mentioned above while developing doublepower luminaires’ technologies. Our lighting fixtures deliver superior energy savings and minimal to nonexistent maintenance costs. They function with unique reliability and conform to all aspects of the genuine industrial solution.

We manufacture ceiling luminaires and local lighting fixtures to illuminate machines and workstations. Luminaires are equipped with high ingress protection and technology to ensure long term sustainability of lighting conditions.

Doublepower’s lighting systems are not only durable and reliable, but also intelligent without any exaggeration. They illuminate only areas where the light is needed, and only when there is someone to make use of such light. Also, the outstanding uniformity of illumination contributes to ideal working conditions.

Naturally, the use of intelligent control systems is measured by their economic benefit. A sophisticated system with many features is not needed unless it delivers additional savings. We understand very well your requirements for return on investment and we fully comply with them in order to propose specific solutions.

Furthermore, we always take your operating conditions into an account. We developed installation processes for smooth and safe installation of the luminaires during normal operating conditions. Often we install during night hours or regular technological breaks, so that your production is not disturbed in the process.

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