Industrial environment vary greatly in terms of spatial, physical and sometimes even in chemical conditions. The customer’s requirements from the illumination are equally variable. A careful assessment of the environment and expectations must therefore take place. Only then it is possible to utilize luminaires’ full potential and their control systems to one hundred percent.

We offer products for comprehensive illumination of manufacturing halls, logistics halls and sport halls. Our luminaires are able to respond to the natural light, actual presence of people and the process of particular manufacturing operations.

Lighting for manufacturing halls

Dustiness, high ambient temperatures, long operating hours and difficult access to luminaires on one hand – these are typical issues encountered by lighting systems in industrial spaces.

Warehouse lighting

The requirements for luminaires’ endurance may be lower in warehouses than in heavy industrial production. Nevertheless, the investor’s demand for parameters remains the same.

Winter (Ice Hockey) stadium lighting

In case of ice stadiums, the choice of lighting fixtures is limited by extreme temperature fluctuations. In winter, there may be severe frost below the ceiling, thus causing water to condense on luminaires.

Sport fields lighting

Sport fields lighting places great requirements on the light color, glare protection, light uniformity in all corners of the field and the luminaires’ construction, so that they are resistant to impacts.

Studio lighting

The product line of doublepower luminaires, which are designed for photographic studios, is fitted with light sources of Ra up to 96%.

Retail lighting

In retail, the emphasis on maximizing energy savings comes naturally. Nevertheless, there are other specific requirements for lightning condition.