Company’s focus

doublepower company is a manufacturer of lighting systems for industrial buildings, warehouses and logistics centers, sports stadiums and other facilities with high requirements for quality and efficiency of lighting. All luminaires are an original Czech product, an outcome of our own diligent research, development and production, drawing upon the experience and knowledge of industrial environment needs.

We rely on a well-coordinated and experienced team of expert collaborators, researchers, designers, production personnel and installation technicians. The knowledge that we gain on the basis of daily operations is systematically evaluated, shared and applied to the benefit of the whole team and especially our customers.

Our customer base consists of investors, designers and distributors with the highest demands for technical quality, durability, reliability and economic efficiency of industrial lighting systems. The majority of our customers requires comprehensive services starting from the analysis, projection, lighting technology designs and installation plans, through manufacturing and installation (including lighting control systems), to subsequent monitoring and maintenance.

Also, we cooperate with external designers, consulting companies, electric-installation companies and dealers of industrial lighting. We provide them with superior support, assurance of fair cooperation and our staff’s high level professionalism and expertise.

The customer is always informed in detail about the effectiveness, technical and financial circumstances of the implementation as a whole and as of each of its parts. We pay close attention to all customer’s intentions, demands or objections.

In conclusion, while choosing between a compromise and perfection, we are not afraid to choose the hard way in order to deliver the best possible solutions.